Yohint – Elevate your Pet’s Walks with our Eco-Friendly Dog Harness

Yohint eco-friendly harness made of 100% hemp provide a soft, fresh feeling that ensures your furry friend’s comfort and wellbeing during outdoor walks. 

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Natural & Robust materials

Yohint dog harnesses are made of 100% hemp, one of the most robust, eco-friendly, and durable materials in the market. Hemp is a natural fiber that allows a pleasant and safe walk even with the most energetic dogs. It’s also breathable, which helps preserve your dog’s skin from odors and bacteria.

Dog harness product

UV filter

Yohint harnesses also come with natural UV filters, which will help protect your pet’s skin during outdoor walks. This feature ensures that your dog is safe from harmful rays and reduces the risk of sunburn or other skin irritations.

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Easy to Wash and Fast dry

Yohint harnesses are designed to be easy to clean, making it simple to keep them looking new. They are also fast-drying, so you won’t have to worry about your dog staying wet for too long after a walk in the rain or near water.

Quality Buckles

The buckles on Yohint harnesses are made of zinc alloy, a durable metal that reduces the risks of allergic reactions. These buckles are sturdy and easy to adjust, making it simple to find the perfect fit for your dog.

dog harness product

Top Reasons Why Yohint is the Go-To Brand for Dog Lovers


Comfortable and Safe Walking

Yohint dog harnesses are designed to provide a comfortable and safe walking experience for your pet. Made of natural and breathable hemp, the harnesses are soft to the touch and allow for excellent airflow to prevent overheating during long walks.


Durable and Long-Lasting

Yohint dog harnesses are made of 100% hemp, one of the most robust and durable materials available. The harnesses can withstand wear and tear, ensuring that they last for a long time, making them a cost-effective option for pet owners.


Adjustable and Easy to Use

The Yohint dog harnesses feature three adjustable buckles, which allow for a customized and secure fit for your pet. The harnesses are easy to put on and take off, making them a convenient option for busy pet owners.



The Yohint harness is ideal for teaching your dog to walk beside you.

Our no-pull harness has two leash hooks, one on the back and one on the chest of the dog. Most dog owners use either the front or the back to attach their leash.


Train your dog to walk quietly next to you

By using both hooks with an appropriate leash, it creates a two-point leash that can be used to train a dog to walk quietly next to you on a leash while preserving its comfort.


Feel more comfortable walking your dog outdoors

Please note that the Yohint harness will not make your dog stop pulling on the leash, as this is tied to their own behavior. However, you will feel more comfortable walking your dog outdoors because you will have more control over their walking.


Wash and dry instructions

The Yohint harness should be handwashed only with cold water and gentle soap. It is not machine washable. Do not tumble dry, and let the harness dry completely before using it again.


Product size

This harness is a size M. To check if the Yohint harness can fit your dog, please follow these steps :

1. First, take measurements of your dog.

dog schema

2. To ensure your dog feels comfortable in the harness, it is recommended to leave a space of approximately 2cm between the harness and the animal. By adding these extra millimeters to your dog’s measurements, you can check if our harness is suitable for your dog.

3. Compare your measurements with the measurements of our harness.

Neckline (cm)  


Chest (cm) Max. Length


Chest (cm) Min. Length


Backlength (cm) 


Webbing (cm)




Important informations

Please be aware that the Yohint harness does not come with a leash.
The Yohint harness is designed for use with dogs only and should be used by an adult or under the supervision of an adult who remains responsible for its proper use. This is not a toy.
The Yohint harness should not be left within reach of small children under the age of 3.
Please note that the Yohint harness is not chew-proof. Do not let your dog chew on it!

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